Why Is Wild Camping Illegal

Wild camping is one of the practices that people like carrying out to break the monotony of routine life activities. In most countries, wild camping is illegal, depending on how you carry it out. Why is it illegal? Because authorities want to protect the wilderness from degradation. Unsafe campfires, destruction of trees, feces, trash, and animal disturbance pose a risk to the wild. Wild camping is also illegal because it poses a risk to the campers themselves. They get attacked by wild animals.

There are guidelines that one is expected to follow if they wish to engage in wild camping. Here are instructions you have to follow or else your wild camping experience will be illegal.

Get permission from the respective landowner

In most countries, the land is owned by individuals, and it is a requirement that you ask for permission before you decide to camp in their space.


This is a practice that has seen many people get sued for trespass. You must contact the owner of the land and inform them that you wish to camp in the region. If they accept, you can go ahead and camp. This law is essential as it makes people respect each other’s property. check over here to get more information.

Do not camp close to the road and homes

Though you may be allowed to engage in wild camping, you should ensure that your campsite is not close to any road or homes. Staying away from people’s homes is to give them the space they need as human.

This is respect to their right to privacy. Staying close to their home will make them feel suspicious and even report you. Staying away from roads is meant to keep you safe from any unfortunate incident that may happen on the road.

Get a permit

Even if the land is yours, you have to inform the relevant authorities that you intend to camp for more than two weeks. Such information is essential so that they can provide with the necessary security. Creating such awareness is crucial as they will also advise you on the things you need to do to stay safe in the region.


If you do not follow any of the rules, you wild camping will be deemed illegal, and you can be charged in a court of law.