What Are The Disadvantages Of Gym

90 per cent of people who go to the gym wish they would find a more convenient way to remain fit or even shed those pounds. This is because although there are plenty of benefits of enrolling to a gym, it also has its downside.

The following is a few disadvantages to the gym.

Wastage of money.

Work Out

To enrol in a gym, you need buying a membership card that has to be paid either monthly or quarterly. Not everyone can consistently go to the gym, and this means that you will be paying for services that you are not making use of.

About 3 out of 7 people maintain consistency of working out in the gym while four people attend occasionally. This could be due to the busy schedules at the office or lack of morale.

You may develop gym guilt.

If you have hired a trainer, then rest assured that he/she will be on your neck following up on your gym sessions even when you are unable to attend.

This can be draining because you have to keep on thinking of better explanation to give them if you are unable to attend. Also, you may be limited even to enjoy your meals because you don’t want to gain even a pound before you resume to workouts. This is quite draining and stressful.

You miss out on outdoor workouts.

Working out on outdoor has a wide range of benefits which include exposure to vitamin D, fresh air and there is more freedom. On the other hand, working out in the gym means you are working in an enclosed area which limits you from acquiring some of the benefits of the outdoor.


Your life revolves around indoors where you leave the office, go to the gym and then home. Hence, you don’t get an opportunity to have a breather of fresh air on the outdoors. hop over to ventsmagazine.com read the benefits of working out on outdoor over going to the gym.

It can get discouraging.

Even if the gym is where people get the motivation to stay fit, sometimes it can be discouraging, especially if your results are not showing as fast as the rest of the members.

Walking around the gym and seeing people with transformed bodies while yours has not changed, much may be discouraging to some people.


Although the gym is the perfect place to lose weight, considering there is all the necessary equipment you require for the journey, it also has its disadvantaged with the above being among the top ones. It involves commitment which you may be unable to give, thus leading to limited results and even loss of your resources. So, consider using other workout routines like exercising on outdoors or working out at home.