Photoshop Overlays for Professional and beginner Photographers

Photoshop overlays have gained tremendous popularity on the internet to beginners aiming to enhance their captured photos and professional photographers looking to impress their clients like never. They come as a blend of surreal and natural overlays ideal to give you high quality and fancy images.

The overlays are already prearranged Here is a look at the most famous photoshop overlays for professional and beginner photographers.

1. Lighting Overlays

Lighting overlays contain hundreds of different presets. They are useful in portraying the unique effects produced by the actions and angles of varying and different lighting conditions. In case the lighting effects on your photo did not come out as you had envisioned, lighting overlays give you the opportunity to get the results that you desired or even make it better.

LR gives the perfect solution to professional and beginner photographers by putting all types of wonderful overlays together as a convenient collection. For example, the lighting overlays come with distinct effects including light leaks, intense flares, starburst, and streaming sunlight rays.

2. Snow Overlays

Photoshop has a lot to offer in terms of adding winter and snow effects in your photography. There are more than fifty different overlays. Professional and beginner photographers cannot afford to miss out to make this snow overlays a part of their editing process.

Are you thinking of how you can add winter effects on your photos? Snow overlays will enable you to experience winter at the comfort of your home.

3. Rain Overlays

It has never been easy to take photos in the rain. Rain overlays for Photoshop enable you to avoid getting wet as you take your photos. With just a few clicks, you will be able to add realistic rain effects. More so, most of the SLR are affected by adverse conditions such as rain, extremely low temperatures, and dust.


To avoid risking your camera operation in the future, use the rain overlays. If a client wants to book his or her photos on a rainy day, what do you do? Very easy, use the rain photoshop overlays to edit the photos.

4. Sky Overlays

All the hundreds of sky overlays are compatible with photoshop. Think of the puffy white clouds, the beautiful south and North Carolina sunsets and the majestic storms. All these are contained in the sky overlays. These different overlays have been shot at different times, using multiple lenses, different angles as well as shallow, sharp and in between depths.

They contain a whole ton of choices. All these photoshop elements sky overlays are efficient for both professional and beginner photographers. It is the ultimate overlay to make your outdoor photos to pop up.


Photoshop overlays are essential in creating the best photos. These overlays are easily applied to your images creating a whole new and amazing photo effect. The listed photoshop overlays will give a complete photography solution to professional and beginner photographers. They will enable you to do portrait retouch, remove unwanted objects, and edit your images to maximum quality. Professional photographers will dazzle their clients with all the unique crisp contained in these photoshop overlays.