How To Create Graphics For Instagram Stories

Instagram has become one of the most preferred social media sites due to the instant messaging which enhances the way people engage. People not only like to post their pictures but they also like to use graphics.

As such, it’s important to know how such graphics can be created easily. The process is always simple and quick and it doesn’t require any level of expertise.


this article shows how to make the graphics with the first step being, choosing the appropriate illustrator you want to use for the graphic. Most people use Photoshop but others prefer illustrator. Each of these has its own merits which you should consider together with the level of your comfort when picking one.


Both of them require some experience with design in order to work faster. An alternative is Adobe spark which usually comes with most phones.

In case it isn’t there, download it then choose the type of design you want. Several categories such as lifestyle, travel among others are displayed at the top of the screen.

The next step is choosing a template which is under “remix”. Many options such as “add”, “layout”, and “effects” among others will come up allowing you to modify your graphics the way you want.

Next, create the graphics keeping in mind that it’s important to maintain the right size. The width should not be more than 1080 pixels while the height should not surpass 1920 pixels. Save it as a picture with the .jpg extension.


Open your email account and create a new email. Attach the graphics file you just created and send it to yourself. This makes it easier to access the file on your phone. Use the phone to download the file on the camera roll then log in to your Instagram account. Upload the file the same way you would upload a picture.


With this, your Instagram posts will be more interesting. The app makes the graphics easier and fun to create. Try it out and discover the best alternative to posting pictures.