How Do I Travel The World With My Partner?

Travelling with your partner is a skill that doesn’t come easy. Getting to think about it, imagine spending 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a week or more with the same person. Even if you love your significant other, such an overwhelming amount of contact time doesn’t come easy.

We have all heard the story where a couple embarks on a tour and they don’t return as lovers. So, if you want to travel with your loved one, here are tips to make the vacation fruitful.

Set a budget

The largest point of disagreements among travelling couples is based on managing finances. Travelling is often expensive and without proper planning, your spending can quickly get out of hand.


Book stuff online and pay for as many services and goods as you can prior to the travel date. Use tools such as this website to budget your money. Decide who will pay for what beforehand.

Avoid fighting over the map

Unfortunately, many couples end up fighting over directions. Do not allow a small piece of paper to cause havoc in your relationship. You had better bite your tongue any time you feel like quarrelling over such small aspects.

Understand each other’s habits before you live

Talk about the things that you must have to be happy. This is especially for couples that aren’t married yet, those that don’t live together and the ones who are going for their first trip together.


For instance, if you require coffee to function in the morning, ensure that your partner is aware of this fact. Getting into terms with such aspects will reduce the chances of fighting when you travel.

Be ready to be seen as one

When you are travelling together, most service providers will consider you a single unit. A lot of the people you encounter will also assume you are a couple and refer to you as one.

If you are not comfortable being around each other in public, then going for a trip together may not be a good idea.

Plan ahead

This one is pretty obvious, but the one that is easily forgotten. Considering that you are two different individuals, the chances are that you have varying ideas of what to do, where to go and how to carry yourselves out there. That is why you should plan your trip ahead of time. Write everything you plan on doing and agree before the travel date.

Remember that you are not in your house

Couple traveling

When you are travelling alone with your friend, the chances are that your personality will shine. Your daily rituals may also change. When journeying with a partner, you will notice that their habits might change too. Allow for minor adjustments and remember that you are not alone. Have fun and enjoy.

Traveling as a couple is not the same as journeying alone. The tips above will help make the trip a smooth one. They will also help you to maintain the romance amidst the hustle and all.