Best Places in Australia for Older Adults

Once you’re retired, the number of activities and leisure time increases, offering you so many opportunities for new experiences, even in your golden years. Therefore, you should look for the city that’ll offer you an equal number of places to have fun at, met new people, but also eat well and generally make the most out of your retirement. So, if you’re looking for a new place of living in the Land Down Under, we’ve got a few suggestions you are going to love without a doubt.


Being Australia’s wine capital, Adelaide makes a perfect place for you to spend your retirement, making the most of your golden years while touring the reds along the Limestone Coast, the whites in Adelaide Hills or even Rieslings in the Claire Valley. With more than a quarter of the population aged 55 and over, Adelaide becomes one of the most senior-friendly spots in Australia. If you’re worried about the expenses, you’ll be happy to know it’s more affordable than Melbourne, ranking as the 59th in the world.


Melbourne is one of Australians busiest seaports and it strives to become Australia’s cultural capital year after year. The fact that Melbourne has won the “World’s Most Liveable City” title is just one of the reasons why not only seniors should consider it their next home, but people of other ages should think about moving there as well. A low murder rate and a high quality of health care and infrastructure make Melbourne one of the best places for seniors in the Land Down Under.


The fact that the biggest city in Australia is home to a diverse population is just one of the reasons to choose Sydney for your home once you retire. If you prefer living in an assisted living community to renting or buying a home, you should consider Mark Moran Vaucluse retirement living, where you will have 24-hour qualified care, and concierge and security services on hand. If you’re looking for a place where your contentment, well-being and care are first and foremost, a retirement home is the right place for you.

Tweed Heads

Located on the board of New South Wales and Queensland, Tweed Heads is one of the most interesting places to live in Australia, as it is referred to as a town that switches time zones. Because of its proximity to the border, you can celebrate New Year’s Eve twice in one hour and by only crossing the street.

In addition, a high density of retirees in Tweed Heads makes it the 6th most popular town among senior citizens in New South Wales. So, if you’re somewhere around 54 years old, this little Australian town will be a wonderful home to you. Thanks to the fact that it’s a popular holiday destination, Tweed Heads will also give you an opportunity to enjoy live music, tours and various other enticing activities.

Sunshine Coast

If you’re looking for a place with numerous national parks, and an ideal climate – the Sunshine Coast in Queensland will be your retirement haven. A warm temperature all year-round with an average of 7 hours of sunshine a day makes the Sunshine Coast live up to its name, offering you an amazing place to spend your years in retirement. Ranging from 17-28 degrees in summer and 13-25 in autumn, the beach conditions are ideal at any time of the year. It’s also close enough to Brisbane to make it a fun place to live, while also being peaceful and quiet enough with all the hustle and bustle away.

As you can see, the Land Down Under is filled with cities that will make your golden years the most memorable. What’s more, they’re all senior-friendly and will ensure you’re living in cities with a low crime rate and high-quality health care, which are some of the most important factors for seniors when choosing their place to live.