Best Nightlife Cities in Australia to Visit 

One of the upsides of partying around the world is that you can always chase the opportune weather. Whether you are a fan of winter magic or summer heat, the climate that you covet is always around the globe, and if you are in the mood for partying in light clothes, you should definitely head to the Land Down Under and check out the best nightlight cities in Australia to visit.

Gold Coast

Gold Coast is renowned as Australia’s own Las Vegas, which is a comparison that should tell you pretty much everything you need to know. The shiny skyscrapers tower below the neon covered streets that teeter on the edge of an extensive and beautiful coastline. There are dashes of a Miami feel and Atlantic City atmosphere to this place, but it is its own piece of work – an assembly of pubs, bars and clubs where live acts dazzle visitors with awesome shows. Check out Surfers Paradise Beergarden, Club Liv and Vanity if you plan to hit this town.


While Sydney is not the capital of Australia (the honor goes to a lot smaller, yet architecturally impressive Canberra), it is nevertheless the center of commerce, art, culture and – you’ve guessed it – nightlife. The city is comprised of numerous boroughs and districts that are all equally impressive in different ways. The Rocks are a historical district by the docks and an amazing place for pub & dine aficionados. Central business district is the urban focal point of the southern hemisphere and, therefore, the absolutely exhilarating playground for avid clubbers.

This historical town is a glamorous assembly of lush historical exteriors and captivating interiors. The finest accommodation in Randwick is renowned for its lavishing appeal and signature eclectic layout that mixes traditional and modern. For a stellar beachside nightlife, however, you should head out north of the harbour, to the sandy coastline of Manly.


Perth might be the most isolated city in the world, but it has a fairly large urban area and a population of over two million residents – a perfectly appropriate number of people to create a wild party scene. The capital of Western Australia is renowned for the Northbridge area that has an electrifying night life on the onset of the weekend. Friday nights here are wild. William Street and Fitzgerald Street are the partying avenues with an incredible selection of bars and clubs.


We have saved the best for last – the coolest and the raciest place to party is definitely the capital of Victoria known as Melbourne. Hip pubs, nightclubs, lounges and rooftop bars create an attractive mosaic of pulsating hotspots. This is the city where it’s is always in vogue to go out. Of course, one of the highlights of Melbourne is its live-scene packed with quality content created by DJs and unplugged acts alike. Since it is an extremely safe city, it is highly recommended that you go out and explore because its back streets and alleyways are packed with secret locations which are only familiar to those who are in the know.


Cairns as a noteworthy party town sounds a bit unbelievable, doesn’t it? Well think again – it is actually renowned among Australians as a destination that has some of the best nightlife picks out there. It is also a picture-perfect destination for a partying tourist, simply because it is affordable and all-around suitable for backpackers. Calypso, Nomads, Gilligan’s and Woolshed are the places you should check out if you are a newcomer to this town’s nightlife. Cairns is the place where the wild nights are perfectly fused with the tropical allure. Just keep in mind that the famed Great Barrier Reef is a boat ride away, so save up at least some energy for a tour of that natural wonder.

Once you’ve had a chance to finally visit Australia, you’ll realize why its gleaming cities are considered the top partying destinations in the world. Quite simply, the fact that residents are so utterly relaxed and buoyant combined with the perfect weather conditions – sunny days for at least two thirds of the year – create a particularly fizzy partying cocktail, the perfect backdrop for thrill-seeking travelers.