Best Festivals to Visit in 2019

Festivals are an excellent way to experience different places in unique ways. Basically, there are many festivals globally and choosing the one to visit could be overwhelming. Whether you’re there looking for an exceptional music festival, the glamour of the film festival, or an ultimate cultural festival, there’s everything for everyone. 2019 is here with us and planning to visit your all-time festival as early as now would be a great idea as you’ll have ample time to prepare both psychologically and financially.

Are you wondering which festival to visit with your family in 2019? Well, you have come to the right place as we will give you a list of the best festivals you can visit and this will narrow down your choices and help you make an informed decision.

Wakakusa Yamayaki – Japan

For centuries, Japan has been on the limelight as a place with amazing discoveries and if you want to be part of it, head there on January for a Wakakusa Yamayaki Festival. This name of the festival means ‘The Mountain Roast’.

Wakakusa Yamayaki – Japan

You’ll have an opportunity to witness fireworks that precede burning of Mount Wakakusayama. The mountain is expected to burn for nearly an hour and it’s mind-blowing to see the flames from anywhere in the city.

The Carnival of Venice

The Carnival of Venice is perfect for anyone looking for a festival boasting elaborate masks. When you walk around the ancient streets of the city, your eyes will feast on people wearing costumes that date back in the 18th century. The festival starts from mid February to early March. It welcomes nearly 3 million people and you can join them in the long gala of endless events and parties all over the city. You’ll also find a grand ball, water parade, and a mind-blowing contest for the well-designed mask.

Holi, India

If you have been to Indian, it is without a doubt that the name Holi rings a bell on your mind. The Holi Festival celebration comes on March of every year and is distinguished by a vibrant display of color that signifies unity. Every year, Indian people unite to throw colors and as they wash them away, they clear their differences.

Holi is a spectacular festival in the hearts of Indians and if you have differences in your family or at the workplace, head to India for Holi and without doubt, you’ll get home united like never before.

Grants Pass, Oregon

Do you like the beauty of nature specifically the sky? If yes, 2019 can be a different year if you head to Grants Pass to witness hot air balloons floating in the air during the balloon and kite festival which will be held between May 31st and 2nd June.


The hot air balloons are just phenomenal and create a magical form of flight. If you want to enjoy, even more, be the one to fly the balloons and spread the magic with new people. The event signifies hope and engagement and the best to attend with your family.

Kings Day, Amsterdam

27th April of every year is the best time to head to Amsterdam for the Kings Day festival. This festival is a crazy fun celebration and you can get anywhere you want around the city with tram, car, or even bike without paying a dime. You get an opportunity to witness festival-like atmosphere and it’s usually a market day where you can sell anything you want apart from alcohol. The festival is also distinguished with an insane boat parade party that will definitely put a smile on your face.

Bottom line

Every day that passes, you wake up early in the morning and get back late in the morning as you work hard to make ends meet. You meet with unbearable people and encounter unavoidable situations.

Given that your body needs to relax, make one of the above festivals your priority to visit in 2019. They will bring joy and you’ll have the energy to carry on with your daily activities.