Are Smart Cars Safe

Although the older models of smart cars were deemed very unsafe, the latest models have had great improvements in that category. These cars are no longer just fuel-efficient, they are also pretty and safe. Smart car models that were released in 2018 were given the safety green light by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

This was backed up by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety that also approved of the safety of the cars in the areas they tested the models.

The body

The smart cars have both front and side airbags that are considered to be a high tech as well as strong steel frames for the body. These are very important in case you get involved in an accident.


The cars don’t have steel frames on the body only, their doors are also reinforced with steel frames. They also have a Crosswind Assist and stability program installed in them. These give them the ability to survive crashes well. You can Read More Here about the interior and exterior features of smart cars.


Although the cars have improved their safety standards, most people still wonder whether they are a better choice for their families.

Their small sizes bring to question whether they are equipped to handle impacts well during an accident. This is because larger cars have been proven to survive accidents better because of their heavyweights.

In most cases, the weights prevent them from being pushed when wreckage occurs. However, when compared to smaller cars, smart cars are better. They are not only safe but they also provide other advantages like less fuel consumption.



The decision of whether to buy a smart car depends on your preference as an individual. You have to take your needs into account before making a choice. The cars are safe, thanks to their compact bodies and internal features, but if you have a large family then choosing a bigger car may be better. However, given the benefits of having a smart car, it is still a good option especially if you don’t want to spend too much on running the car.