An Expert’s Guide to New South Wales, Australia

New South Wales is an Australian state that sits comfortably in the southeastern corner of the continent. Its diverse landscapes and sprawling urbanities have become renowned around the world for their staggering beauty and vibrant appearance. The atmosphere of positivity in New South Wales is quite palpable, so it is not a stretch to imagine that tens of thousands of newcomers visit it every year. If you are one of these newcomers, you cannot exactly go in blind, so here is an expert’s guide to New South Wales, Australia.

Of course, Sydney

You absolutely cannot visit New South Wales without spending at least a day or two in Sydney. It is a rite of passage. The city is a coral reef made up of concrete plaster and glass, an eclectic kaleidoscope of buildings of different styles and time periods that combine into an incredible urban mosaic. You can spend weeks on end avidly investigating nooks and crannies of this city, but it always begins with the highlights – the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Tower Eye, Bondi Beach, etc. Most of the highlights are concentrated in and around Sydney’s central business district but you should definitely go off the beaten path to visit suburban areas such as Randwick and Manly to truly get a grip on what makes Sydney special. Another must try is definitely fine whiskey tasting in Sydney, the setting is austenitic and the whiskey smooth, there is little left to be desired.

Head into Blue Mountains

The World Heritage area of immense beauty and lush nature, known as the Blue Mountains, is not just some extensive patch of greenery. It is a popular hub for adventurists and hikers, which offers plethora of hidden hotspots and jaw-dropping scenery. The intricate cobweb of paths and trails is always filled with interesting individuals and there are numerous lodges and camping sites all around. Towns and villages do exist, but they are not heavily populated and they do not produce smog. In other words, it is a place where one can easily escape from pollution and enjoy a bit of serene me-time, but with an option to engage with people. Another upside of the Blue Mountains is that the World Heritage Area lies just an hour and a half drive west of Sydney.

Head to Hunter Valley for wine

If you fancy yourself some nectar of the gods, head directly to Hunter Valley, New South Wales, for a tour of the most captivating rustic vineries you will likely ever see. By and large, Australia is a perfect continent for the wine connoisseurs as its dry and warm climate generally bodes well for the cultivation of grapes. Hunter Valley is located about two hours from Sydney (via car) and it has that decidedly Mediterranean vibe to it. Find a cheap car hire service and embark on an unforgettable ride through this scenic wine region. It boasts over 120 wineries which are always surrounded with amazing gourmet restaurants and retreats. There is hardly anything more hedonistic than enjoying a brunch and washing the delicious food down with some premier wine as the warm New South Wales sun basks over vineyards. If you don’t want to overstuff yourself with food, most wineries have very convenient degustation options with nibbles that will quench your alcohol induced appetite. Hunter valley is truly a paradise on earth for a Dionysian escapade.

Camping galore

If you are visiting New South Wales with your family, you should definitely try out one of Australia’s favorite activities – camping. As soon as you venture a bit inland, you’ll be faced with jaw-dropping scenery and vast stretches of wilderness. These are Australia’s famed national parks which are also filled with exciting camping spots. Hotspots, such as amazing Seabreeze caravan park on Ballina Beach, are practically tailor-made for families and cross-generational stays. Most of these camping grounds come with a number of opportune features – for example, Wi-Fi spots, internet cafes and Laundromats, so you are not exactly stranded in the middle of nowhere with sticks and ropes.

Byron Bay tranquility

As it has already been established quite clearly, New South Wales is a perfect place for you if you want to escape from civilization, or if you want to visit numerous big cities. Still, what about those of you who want to experience the best of the both worlds? Well, you’ll hardly find a more perfect place than Byron Bay to make this wish come true. The picturesque small town, which looks like a postcard fantasy, lies in the far north of the country and it is tucked away perfectly between the coast of endless Pacific and the lush hinterland. You won’t have to drive that long further inland to find lush rainforests and secret lakes. The town itself boasts an amazing lighthouse which is a perfect spot for watching sunrise if you are an early bird. It is also the Mecca of music festivals and, apart from finding a few truly decadent spa centers, you will easily stumble upon some colorful “joints” where you can enjoy live music practically every day of the year. Byron Bay is a perfect getaway spot where you can decompress from work and daily drudgery, and where a constant flow of people will ensure that you have fun while relaxing at the same time.

New South Wales is a state that offers innumerable pleasure for people who come from all walks of life. It is an incredible adventure spot for lone travelers as well as the escapist playground for big families. No matter what sort of arrangement brings you to this vibrant corner of the world, you are bound to have the time of your life and fall in love with the staggering beauties of New South Wales.