5 Tips for Photographing Babies

It is always the joy of every family member when a newborn joins the family. Seeing the kid smiling and happy adds to the pleasure. However, due to how fragile a newborn baby is, many tend to fear to handle them till they are around 3-4 months when their bones are hardening.

Everyone would like to see how they looked like when they were just 1 or 2 days old. Maybe our parents would not take photographs of us due to technology. Today, baby photography has been adopted in almost all households. We all want to take many photos of our kids in all stages of their life so that we can present the photos to them when they are old enough to comprehend. There are so many baby photo shoot ideas that have been developed over the years to make baby photography better and better each day.

5 Tips for Photographing Babies.

1. Timing is the secret.

The best time to take photos of your kid is during naptime. This is the time a kid is asleep and can not be distracted hence little or no moves. A sleeping baby gives that peaceful and beautiful look. The next time to continue shooting is when the baby wakes up. This might not take long though. That cute smile and giggle is everything in baby photography. However, you must be very fast, since the elusive smile might happen once.

Photographing Babies 2

Remember, the best time to take photos of your kid should be one or two days after birth. It gives a better impression of the kid than the day the baby was born. After 3-4 months you can take other photos of your kid. The most crucial part about baby photography is capturing the first crawl, laugh,smile, etc.

2. Draw the baby’s attention.

Drawing the kid’s attention is quite a task especially if those close to the kid are not around. You should make sure the parents or siblings are around. This makes the baby feel safe. Have the mother stand behind your camera. This is the easiest way to make the baby look at the camera.

You can also tap the baby’s favorite toy above the lens. This will also capture the little attention of the kid to the camera; then you can take that shot.

3. Take baby aerials.

Baby aerials are one of the favorite shots in baby photography.No drone, or helicopter is needed here.You can just lay the kid on an even surface such as a white sheet of on the table or more amazingly, on the dad’s or mum’s back. In fact on the parents back, the kid feels warmer, safer and secure. You will not have to worry about tantrums.

4. Always take photographs of the baby.

Kids generally change so fast. A 1-day baby will look a bit different 2 to 3 months. After six months, the baby will also show some changes. Baby photography should be used to enjoy this evolving. Always take photos of the baby to see every change in the baby years later.


Take photos of the kid just lying on their back, when crawling, when they are clinging on objects for support when standing, and finally when they can stand on their own. Enjoy all this through taking photographs oftenly.

5. Take out the color.

In baby photography, after taking the shots, it is best to edit the photos to tweak the color. Use the black and white format. It helps hide the marks,blotchiness, and scratches on the kid. The black and white format also works best especially when taking birth shots. It generally brings out the best in the innocent baby.

When you apply the above tips in baby photography, you can be assured that you will have memories to smile at with your child 15 years to come.