5 French Wine Regions You Need to Visit

If you’re a wine aficionado, you just need to see what France has to offer! It can be really hard to choose only five from its many amazing regions, but these following ones will leave you breathless with its wine offer and natural beauty. No matter if you’re a serious wine lover or if you’re just getting into the whole wine culture, get ready to enjoy some amazing drinks if you visit these regions. 


This coastal region is very special to everyone living in France and it sort of the heart and soul of the country. Thanks to its temperate climate (similar to California), Bordeaux is blessed with that are very rich and velvety. Most wines are a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon with tasty fruity notes and depth. While some of the fancy wines from chateaus of Pomerol and St Emilion are very expensive, you can find lesser-known wines for under $30 and end up with a superb quality product. 


Just next to Germany, Alsace took some notes and started producing its own whites as the equivalent of German Rieslings. While Sylvaner and Gewurtztraminer go well up north and survive even those dramatically steep hills of Alsace, French wines are still a little drier than their German counterparts. But, nothing can replace the satisfaction of enjoying a cool Riesling paired with some fresh veggies and a light salad dressing while showered with the May sunshine! It’s a one-of-a-kind experience for both wine lovers and foodies. 


The vineyards of Burgundy run down the valley of the river Saone and all the way down to Macon where you can enjoy some fragrant and velvety Pouilly Fuisse whites. Actually, no matter what kind of wine you like, you’ll find something to blow your mind in Burgundy. Their reds are especially popular (those made of Pinot Noir grapes) but Chardonnay whites are also always more than satisfactory. If you want to test their wines before you travel to this region, you can find great Burgundy wines online and order some for your next party. These are crowd-pleasers and will definitely show you what this wine region has to offer.



No list like this can be complete without Champagne! This is probably the most famous of all French wine regions and for all the right reasons. Even if you’re not a huge fan of Champagne, the experience of enjoying this unique bubbly wine in its homeland is an event! And the reason why many rush to this region is the fact that even average wines are so much better than the ones from other places on Earth. Whatever you choose, you’ll have a great wine-drinking experience. Plus, Champagne is relatively close to Paris, so you can easily take a one-day excursion to the capital and see what’s going on in the big city. 


This place is just the perfect destination for a summer vacation. The weather is pleasant, the countryside is romantic and the wine is aromatic! Actually, the wine is just an added bonus when you think about all the things Provence has to offer. If you’re a light Rosé fan, you’ll love this beautiful part of France. Some of the Provence wines like Côtes de Provence are loved by both casual drinkers and collectors, so you have to grab a glass while there. They are rich and full-bodied which sort of sets them apart from their counterparts. Bandol Rouge is a gorgeous red perfect for steak nights thanks to its aroma of black cherry, blackberry, sage, black pepper, smoked chocolate and licorice root. 

France literally has something for everyone. From fruity whites over rich reds to light rosés, you’ll have a fun time tasting all of these unique wines from France.