10 Hot Wedding Invitation Trends

Whether it is a simple backyard affair, full-blown extravaganza, or anything in between, engaged couples everywhere have a common goal. Planning the picture perfect wedding is something many have dreamed about from a young age. From picking the date, the dress, and the table setting, to walking down the aisle, every detail is meticulously chosen with purpose.

The first thing guests will see regarding your wedding will be your wedding invitations. Why go with traditional plain white with silver or gold, when your announcement can stand out? Check out these top ten trends brides everywhere are considering!

Skip the White and Ivory

Chic Colors

Weddings are typically associated with white or ivory. Add a little pop to your celebration by printing your invitations on moody colors like burgundy, plum purple, or forest green. Darker colors may seem contradictory to a wedding, but they will stand out beautifully.



Whether it’s a simple gradient background or a painting of the couple, the use of watercolor can be beautiful. The soft, subtle brushstrokes blend beautifully to create a masterpiece. If you’re particularly crafty, you could even create your own watercolor masterpiece to use as a print for your invitations!


Fun, yet classy, acrylic invitations are the latest craze. With the wedding details etched into the acrylic sheet, it leaves your invitation as not only informative but a conversation piece.

Add a Pattern

Floral Patterns

These aren’t your grandmother’s floral patterns! Big, bold, beautiful floral prints have made a huge comeback and are better than ever. Whether you couple a few select blooms with a solid background or make the entire piece your own personal garden, these invitations will definitely be eye-catching.

Bold Geometric Prints


Stylish and chic, fun yet playful, geometric shapes have it all. Geometric patterns will give your invitations a sleek, modern look. Pairing a geometric print with a soft floral touch can give your invitation a boho chic look.

Pass on the Traditional Printing

Handwritten Calligraphy

Is there anything more personal than a handwritten note from a friend? Give your invitations a more personal feel by using handwritten calligraphy. If the task seems too daunting, you can always write one as a sample and use it for printing.

Blind Embossing

Debossing, or blind embossing, is elegant and refined. Using a thick cardstock base, you use the same techniques as foil stamping or letterpress but without ink or foil. The results are breathtaking!

Think Outside the Box

No Rectangles

Who says invitations have to be plain and rectangular? Step it up a notch by sending rounded edge, scalloped, or bracketed invitations! You could take it a step further by using invitations shaped like hearts, wedding bells, or even circles.

Laser Cut


With laser cutting, you can add details regular scissors could never accomplish. From simple monogramming to intricate designs, laser cutting can make for a memorable invitation.

Wrap it Up

From satin, velvet, or silk ribbon to twine, brides are tying the knot, literally! Using burlap or twine can give your invitations a rustic feel while using lace or ribbon can make it appear more elegant.